Tuesday, March 22

A Fwee-Fwee!

One of Finley's newest loves is airplanes, which he calles "fwee-fwees."  I'm not sure what part of "airplane" sounds like "fwee-fwee" but there you have it.  His robot shirt got a little wet today, so he demanded that I let him wear his airplane shirt, even though it was dirty.  So we went outside with the shirt to take some pictures.

He liked to show me the airplane on his shirt (with some drool.)

He liked to look for airplanes in the sky.

And he liked to be generally adorable.

And here is the interview portion of our show... shot with my new Canon 60D!  Love.


  1. Roo and I watched the video about 4 or 5 times. I think she thinks Finley is pretty cute. Either that or she just likes babies on videos.

  2. A boy after my heart - AIRPLANES. So glad he likes his little t-shirt. Now we need a shirt with a powercat on it!

  3. I love when you post videos of Finley. He's SO freaking adorable.

  4. G'pa Grimmer has to be pretty excited about Finley's love of airplanes! Maybe he will write another poem about it...


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