Wednesday, July 20

Three Months

While I can't seem to get a picture of Finley kissing Braden or holding Braden or really doing anything sweet to Braden at all, I can get pictures of him poking Braden.  For some reason, he really likes to poke.  Luckily, he warns me about everything he does.  Before he pokes Braden he'll say, "Poke Braden, poke Braden?" a few times.  The other day I heard him saying something that I realized was "Clean Braden." just in time to take the vacuum attachments away from him as he rubbed them on Braden's face.  Awesome.

When Finley saw this picture he said, "Finley poke face. NOOOOO."  So at least he knows he isn't allowed to poke Braden's face.  But that doesn't actually stop him.

At three months, Braden is a joy.  He had a rough week or two where I couldn't get him to sleep more than an hour or two at night--but we've rectified that by letting him sleep on his belly.  GASP!  I know, I'm breaking a rule.  But he'll sleep for 5 or 6 hours on his belly... making everyone happy and healthy.  And the more people I talk to, the better I feel about letting him sleep on his belly.  Especially because it's helping with the flat spot too.  He's a lovely sleeper now and often he'll drift off to sleep just by me laying him in his crib--none of the bouncing and walking that we needed to finally lull Finley to sleep.  His nap schedule is still irregular, but he sleeps well during the day.  He's still nursing well--he eats quickly and will take a bottle when we need him too.  Really, he's a joy.  He's rolled over a few times and can get his feet under his booty to push himself forward--not on purpose, but it's cute.  And the boy has recently become a DROOLER.  My shoulder is wet all the time from his sweet drool.

Finley is a joy too--and also sometimes a terror.  He speaks in long sentences and is sometimes very funny. His memory shocks me.  He knows about 75% of his uppercase letters--thanks to Mickey Mouse, the iPad and some foam bath letters.  He really loves to "read" and learn and is always surprising me with what he knows.  Kids.  He's also reached the "SELF" stage where he wants to do everything himself.  Not.  Fun.  And the whining!  And the dramatics! Oh to be two.  But he's also a lot of fun because he lets me roll him up like a burrito in large quilts. (He looks like he's giggling here but he's actually screaming to be let out.  What?  I had to get my camera!)

I took the boys to the doctor today to get Finley's weight checked.  I've altered his diet slightly to combat his high cholesterol, so they wanted to make sure that my already little boy didn't get any littler.  And he did.  He's dropped a few ounces below 24 pounds.  So I'm continuing to try to feed him high calorie/fat foods that are low in fat and cholesterol.  Should be easy, right?  Braden is up to 16 pounds 5 ounces and his head is not quite as flat as last time, so that's excellent.  At 3 months, Braden has passed Finley's 4 month weight by 5 ounces.  Hopefully he doesn't drop off his curve like Finley!


  1. I can't imagine your son Finn ever saying no. JK. Of course I can. But they are both super sweet!


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