Monday, August 8

Things That Didn't Go as Planned

Thing That Did Not Go as Planned #1: Running 11 miles.
I guess it went more or less the way I planned it--I ran 11 miles in under 2 hours.  I averaged about 10:12 per mile and was pretty proud of that.  The thing that did not go according to plan was the weather.  I got up real early so it would still be cool--but the humidity was 97%.  I'm no meteorologist, but I'm pretty sure that means if it was 3% higher I would have actually been swimming.  Not cool, weather (pun intended.)

Thing That Did Not Go as Planned #2: Buying a new nursing tank.
Target has a daily deals thing kind of like Groupon--and I thought I was getting a great deal on my favorite nursing tank.  The sizing was a little weird; I had to choose XS, 1, 2, 3, or 4.  I decided 2 sounded good since my current one is a small.  NOPE.  Apparently 2 means 2XL.

Thing That Did Not Go as Planned #3: Copper's Grooming.
Copper needed to be groomed.  He was MAN-GY.  This is mostly due to the week he spent outside--a silent protest when we were out of town.  Apparently he really thought he was showing us who was boss.  We came back and he looked like a wild animal.  I don't have a great before picture, but here's an old one.  Isn't he majestic?  And hairy?

I let Sol take him to be groomed.  I should have known better--Sol frequently talks about how he wants to "bic" Copper--meaning shave him. He promised me he told the Petco people to cut his hair "as short as would still look good."  And this is what we got.  Forgive the poor picture quality today--Copper is a little embarrassed.

I gasped loudly when I saw him.  I had no words for a long time. He's a big fluffy pup and he kind of looks like a rat now.  With a dog head and tail.  Like Frankenstein's monster.  He slinks around the house like he knows he's naked--Finley and I like to tell him to put his pants back on.  Poor pup.  On the plus side, I think I can stop vacuuming once a day.  Thoughts on the new do?

Thing That Did Not Go as Planned #4: Snuggling.
Actually, this last one went exactly the way I planned it.  I wanted to take a nap with Braden--there's nothing like snuggling with a little baby.  Eventually he flipped himself on his belly, got his thumb and slept in my armpit.  Bliss.

I may have fixed the comments--so if you ever try to comment and fail (all 3 of you who email me your comments) try again today!


  1. The picture of Copper has me laughing out loud. Wow. That is one crazy haircut. I'm pretty sure the groomers at Petco should be fired for that.

  2. I love Braden. Do you think he is going to be a thumbsucker? That would be sweet.

  3. cannot stop laughing!! (BTW - sweetest picture of Braden ever)

  4. Ok. So I don't know that 2 out of 4 of these things qualify for not going the way you planned... just sayin'.

    For #1, congrats on the awesome run!
    For # 2, I still don't think an XS would fit!
    For #3, although Cooper looks funny - because it's different, I got to think the new do would be very cool for the summer... although I think he does look a tad naked. At least Sol didn't request the puff ball tail look!
    For #4, precious picture.

  5. How about your face in that photo? Is that how you wanted to look?

  6. OMG, Copper!! He kind of looks like the Fantastic Mr. Fox. Maybe you should put some pants on him :-)

  7. Your baby is precious. your dog is goofy. and you are beautiful.

  8. The photo of Copper just made my day. Poor, funny looking doggie.

  9. I am still laughing at the picture of your poor, sweet dog. Hilarious!

  10. Oh, that haircut just made my day. I don't think I've ever laughed at a blog post like that before. That is a-mazing!

  11. Bad Sol. Go lay in the corner.

  12. I totally gasped at the pic of Cooper then laughed and am still laughing...

    and by the way, I'm all about Target nursing tanks, they are pretty fantastic...

    and Braden is cute...

  13. this post was all around the funniest you've ever written.

  14. also i got to meet victoria today. i'm sure she already called you on the way home from leaving my house and talked smack. but whatevs. she was a delight.

    wish you were here.

  15. I laughed for about 5 minutes when I saw copper's photo. I totally thought you superimposed his head on another dog. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Poor Copper!!!

  16. I think Copper looks like a Mozilla Fire Fox...all he needs is following and his own computer...

  17. Oh my god!!!! The widget finally brought me to this!!! Ha ha ha ha ha! Poor Copper.


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