Thursday, February 2

Finley's Pals

We're beyond blessed to have great friends here in Virginia--both for us and for our boys. These are two of Finley's favorite pals--Calvin and Margaret. And the top of Braden's head in the lower right. (I bribed them to sit for the picture with one Goldfish cracker. Suckers.)

And this is what happens when I ask them to give Margaret a kiss. FINLEY! Who taught you to kiss?

Those cute kids ran around like crazy going up and down the slide--they were a hoot to watch.

I'm kind of obsessed with the stripey sweatshirt--and Finley loves to wear it because it matches Calvin.

Braden is a little disappointed that he can't keep up with the big kids--but his time will come.  They each have a younger sibling about B's age that he will grow to love as much as these guys love each other.

I love Braden peeking up on the deck!  These kids are too sweet.


  1. I love that little squished up face that Braden makes. Like a fishy. Or someone going to give a kiss.

  2. I laughed out loud at Finley's kiss . . . and your comment. Too funny! You have adorable little ones!

  3. Finley's kiss was adorable! Great pics!!

  4. I am just a little frustrated that it's warm enough there for your cute kiddos to be playing outside. FREEZING in Serbia.


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