Monday, November 19

Timer Pictures

Pretty much, the surefire way to get the boys to look at the camera, is to have no one behind it. I set the camera on the window ledge (DANGER!) and apparently, that was really exciting.

They are fascinated by the camera clicking all by itself.

And Finley loves to hold the remote timer and make the camera take pictures.

Um, this pretty much counts as all of us looking at the camera... and that MIGHT be three smiles?  Perhaps?

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone! The blog slowed down last week and expectations should probably stay low for this coming week too.  I've been focusing all of my energy on the best monster party of the millenium... and have slacked at blogging.  We'll be back on track soon.  Until then, eat some cranberry sauce shaped like a can for me!


  1. For the record, as much as it disgusts many, I l-o-v-e cranberry sauce shaped like a can. I gotta pack my own sometimes.

    1. It was my only request for Thanksgiving with Sol's family. I LOVE IT.

  2. Um, is that the little boy who met President Obama? His sweet blond hair is famous.


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