Monday, January 28

Last Day at Disney

It's taken me long enough to blog all five days, that I'm totally ready to go back. What a fun place, for reals.  And two things. One, Braden's hair loved the humidity. It looks so weird back in cold, dry VA. Sad sad. And two, Finley almost smiled.

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Our last day was the day we took the pictures with the third set of mouse ears, but we also met some cool characters.

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I was really proud of the boys--but mostly Braden--for being so brave around the characters! Braden clings to me and cries whenever I leave him, so to see him willingly walk over to a giant duck and hold his hand just made me so proud.  Yes, him holding a giant duck hand made me proud, so what?

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For a month or so, I pretty much had Finley convinced that he needed a rocket ship birthday party, so I forced him to take a picture on this rocket. He SMILEEEEEDDDish!

 photo Blog-4510_zps70bac1c3.jpg

And now for some videos that only direct family members (and maybe not even them) will love.  They are long, and shot by Sol who doesn't necessarily know how to focus my camera. Or know when the video is getting boring. First up, these guys watching the show at the Castle.

 photo Blog-4553_zps4dc23f85.jpg

Do you see how thrilled they look? Believe it or not, they really liked the show and this is how they do WILDLY ENTHUSIASTIC. They both are funny in their own way in the video--Braden is completely stoic and then will yell MOUSE!!!! And Finley shows off some of his killer dance moves and his less than awesome skills at putting his mouse ears on.

And on our third day we met this Peter Pan:

 photo Blog-4283_zps4f699f97.jpg

Who was adorable, charming and is the reason we are no longer having a rocket ship birthday party. We'll be having a Peter Pan party, apparently.  Seems fitting, since I really don't want Finley to grow up just yet.  Anyways, on the fifth day, we went back to meet Peter again, and met this slightly less cool Peter.  His interaction with Finley was not near as adorable--but my favorite part is that Finley has no idea how to react to him. It's so cute.  

So in the end, we love Disney.  I can't remember if I said this already, but it was so fun to watch the boys learn things and learn about how they react to things. Braden came back with an expanded vocabulary--he know can say OH TOODLES, Buzz, Woody, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and can only yell MICKEY MOOOOOOOUSE all the time. All the time, folks.


  1. Um, I'm sad not to see the best pic ever from Disney know, the one we took as a group over 14 years ago...THAT would make for a good blog story/comparison:)

    1. I had some very funny flashbacks while at MGM--I wanted to make the boys take a picture by the giant guitar at the Rock'n Roller Coaster, but didn't get the chance. That trip was so much fun!

  2. Aside from the curls, B-Town's CHEEKS KILL ME.

  3. yay thanks for the videos. You know I will watch all of them no matter the content! Can't wait to see you all very soon!

  4. Of course we watched the videos! What a great antidote to a dreary day. Braden reminds me so much of Laura and Ben. You make me want to go to Disney today!

    1. I am always up for that! The Dads are getting together in April for stargazing.

  5. Loved the videos! Love those little darlings!

  6. Those dance moves rock! Did Finley wear his UP outfit every day? It is SO cute! Kenneth would have loved meeting Peter Pan when he was Finley's age. We did have a Peter Pan party, and he was Peter Pan for Halloween. One of my favorite costumes!

    1. He wore it the two last days--and he got fussed over much more at MGM! I think Magic Kingdom is a little more princess oriented.


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