Tuesday, February 5

Jessi's Bachelorette Bash

Whew. I spent the weekend in (cold, snowy) Chicago celebrating my dear friend Jess. As she was quick to tell everyone, Courtney and I were her oldest friends at her bachelorette bash (by duration of friendship, not age.) We had a ton of fun--even if it was cold. I mean really cold.

 photo InstaJess1_zpscf87e2b4.jpg

It was such a joy to sleep in--even if it was partially because we were up to close to three every night.  It was an especially special shindig because half of the ladies present were pregnant--which may have kept things a little tamer than they would have been otherwise! It was so fun to have a legit excuse to sit at the bar and watch Jessi dance. Although I did dance once--because I told Courtney I'd give her $20 if she went and danced with a dude for 15 seconds, and then I got roped into it too. Totally worth it.

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Jessi's KU friends had a really special pose that they tried to do for this picture... Ahoy? So I made Jess do this special pose with me so we could be cool too.  BSCers--we need a special pose.

 photo Blog-4781_zpsec6dec11.jpg

I guess Courtney's too mature to be fun.

 photo Blog-4771_zpsb1d76890.jpg

We braved the cold temperatures for a bit to walk down Michigan and enjoy some of the downtown beauty--I just love it there. Probably because I have many fond memories of running around town with my sorority sisters talking like pirates and running marathon through the streets.

 photo BlogVert-4790_zps26b2787d.jpg

And the cherry on the top of the weekend was spending Sunday afternoon with my sister, brother, almost sister Shelli (not pictured), and sister's boyfriend Dan (also not pictured).  And then the whip cream on top of the cherry was the fast flight back (as contrasted with the HORRIBLE LONG DELAYED disaster flight there) that landed during Beyonce's halftime performance.  It was a great trip filled with many of my favorite people. And now I need a nap.

 photo InstaJess2_zps9fb9e987.jpg


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    1. That's what friends are for. It was like 11:15 and I didn't know what to put there. I should have just done a shot of Will and Kate.

  2. wooo! i made the blog! Beautiful photos and even more beautiful friends/friendships. Thanks for being there. Thanks for being you.


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