Friday, March 15

A Day with Finley and Braden

The monthly pictures have kind of fallen by the wayside... mostly because I can't get the boys to sit in a chair long enough for me to take them.  Vic emailed me several times yesterday with different ideas for capturing the details of our lives--both of our favorites was "a day in the life". So I made a conscious effort yesterday to take the camera out and carry it around to capture some of our every day moments.  There are many I missed, but here's a brief glimpse into yesterday. (Also, I'm in the middle of preparing for Finley's Peter Pan party, so if you look carefully you can see some decorations laying around. Also also, I love some of these pictures and the way the light falls, and some I did a weird job editing and do not like. For what it's worth, which is nothing.)

After breakfast, the boys normally watch Mickey Mouse while I clean up and get ready... then they get dressed.  Sometimes not all at once. Normally while holding the animals they love--Finley is rarely separated from Mama Monkey and Joggy Doggy (or Mama Monks and Jogs, as he calls them). And Braden loves that little tiger, which he calls a lion.

 photo Blog-5522_zps7ab62dca.jpg

Crazy bedhead hair on both.

 photo BlogVert-5518_zpsb3e7dbd7.jpg

On mornings where we don't have anything planned, we go to the gym. Braden has finally decided he can be happy there, and it's a nice break where I get to exercise and have some me time--well, me and some show on the iPad.

 photo BlogVert-5526_zps1f0995a0.jpg

Braden always requests the same thing for lunch--chicken, applesauce, chocolate milk. That's also his standard order at Chick fil a.  Today we also added a quesadilla, and chicken noodle soup for Finley... which he claims is his favorite, but he barely touched.

 photo Blog-5537_zps1e051c1a.jpg

 photo BlogVert-5539_zps987fe842.jpg

Finley's favorite time of day is Braden's naptime because that's when he gets to play with a lot of stuff that we don't get out when Braden is up.  And I love putting Braden down for his naps--he goes so sweetly and starts sucking his thumb as soon as you start walking into his room.  He cuddles Tucker the Giraffe and doesn't make a sound. Except to tell me sweet dreams.  Angel.

 photo Blog-5559_zpsa85e86f0.jpg

 photo Blog-5562_zps07d04091.jpg photo Blog-5566_zps45210e48.jpg

Finley's favorite toys are his Magna Tiles--which my parents got him for Christmas. Seriously--these are the best toys. Everyday he's building something new--a castle, rocketship, battleship, garage, Transformers...  He also thinks he's the world's expert on Transformers even though he's pretty much only seen a 30 second clip of them at a museum. I often catch him laying down while he plays--I guess it really wears him out? We also do a few preschool activities, and if he's lucky he gets to watch Busytown while I take a quick nap.

 photo BlogVert-5582_zpsc7b6762c.jpg

 photo Blog-5584_zps5074914a.jpg

It's been slowly getting nicer... which is great. I often catch Braden trying to sneak into the backyard in various states of undress.  No shoes, no shirt, no problem. He loves to play outside.

 photo BlogVert-5595_zps1bd0bdcf.jpg

 photo BlogVert-5604_zpsd0b13592.jpg

 photo BlogVert-5607_zps6f0badb3.jpg

After dinner we read some books--in our teepee.  It's about the only thing that can make them sit still with me.

 photo Blog-5629_zpse75be26d.jpg

 photo Blog-5624_zpsa170b693.jpg

And then time for brushing teeth and sleep.  More reading and cuddling in Finley's bed. Braden loves loves Finley's bed. I think he's convinced that one night I'll just let him stay there. He's wrong. Probably.

 photo BlogVert-5647_zpscd64e65e.jpg

 photo Blog-5650_zps4b2a0d28.jpg

 photo Blog-5666_zps4cac81a7.jpg

I would also like to point out the VERY SPECIFIC way Finley has to sleep. Somehow our monkey collection has grown to three, and they all sleep shoved together with Joggy Doggy in a pillowcase from Barbara that Finley calls their sleeping bag.  Their heads can't be twisted and they have to be on THEIR pillow. They all come out during the night, so if he gets up to go to the bathroom I have to go back and re-shove them all in the pillowcase before he can go to sleep. It's really normal and not at all weird.

Quite a few times while I was shooting today, I wished the video was one because they are just so funny. From Finley's massive meltdown, to the way Braden snuggles in next to me--they are things that are just hard to do justice in a picture.


  1. Cute idea! Maybe I will put together a day-in-the-life post too

  2. Cute idea! Maybe I will put together a day-in-the-life post too

    1. You should! Not only because I'd like to read it--but years from now you'll want to remember these days. I'm always sad I didn't blog about my time in Boston!

  3. THIS MADE MY WHOLE DAY. I'm going to read it quite a few more times.

  4. My favorite pics include Braden at naptime, Braden reading, and Braden talking on the phone. Finn is cute too, it just kills me seeing Brady so grown up. Will he be my friend next week?

    1. Braden was calling Amy, I forgot to mention that. He's so funny. Tonight he said, "Mama, stop singing." very diplomatically and sweetly. He wanted to sing Jesus Loves Me alone. He'll be your friend on day 2 or 3 probably. Sometimes he isn't even Sol's friend if he's worried Sol means I'm leaving.

  5. Um, Braden is a little man!! I can't believe it. Those pictures of him with the phone are my fav. And, cool teepee.

  6. Ahhhh! Thanks for doing this Rach. It makes me feel like I got to hang out with them for a day :)

  7. Brady in the crib is a PERFECT photo!

  8. Tee Pee! I'm I the only one who reads your blog? I expected a comment from Courtney, at least. It is a good idea though.

    1. Thanks for being a true friend. I kind of expected someone to mention that... apparently if anyone else reads, it's not as closely as you. :)


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