Tuesday, May 28

The Rest of San Diego

Well, I returned from California a month ago... but it's never to late to preserve some memories on the internet. Because if I dont blog it, well, it didn't happen. It's also kind of fun to blog a month after the fact because it lets me relive all the fun a little--it's easy to forget how much fun we had and how dearly I love these ladies when there aren't pictures in front of my face.  And that's why you should actually PRINT pictures and put them on your walls.

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Aside from taking ridiculous pictures on the beach, we had a lot of fun hanging out and exploring the area.

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We had dinner at a local seafood shack type place... and my friend eat very enthusiastically.  Also, there were LOOSE SEALS in the water behind us. Luckily, no one lost a hand to one wearing a yellow bowtie. #arresteddevelopment

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The next morning we had brunch at an awesome pancake place that Courtney and Katherine especially loved.  They are excellent at ordering bowls of whipped cream on bananas and bagels. I had probably the best pancakes of my life. No joke and no offense to my husband's killer pancake skills.

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The highlight of the weekend and the reason for us being together was Jessi's wedding.  We did our best to look lovely even though a few of us had very weird sunburns from earlier in the day.

 photo Print-6852_zps8c621ddc.jpg

What's better than a wedding near a body of water? Probably nothing.  Except for a wedding at Eastminster Presbyterian Church. Five sevenths of the ladies above would maybe agree.  Actually probably not, beach weddings are fun.

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We hunted the hors d''oeuvres people pretty seriously--we were chilly and the warm food was so so good. I pretty much wore that gray cardigan everywhere--in my attempt to move out of VA and pack for the next month, I assumed it would become summer a little more seriously than it actually did. I spent a lot of the month cold.

 photo Print-6872_zpsfef2bcdf.jpg

And sadly, this is our only picture with the pretty pretty bride.  The reception was a BLAST.  I am not sure we've ever danced so much or so enthusiastically.  A lot of us cried, and some of us may have peed our pants a little. And we laughed about it all.

 photo Print-6884_zps6d2ce12c.jpg

The next day we went back to Coronado Island to explore, buy matching t-shirts and see the fancy hotel. It's just such a luxury to have TIME with these ladies. Time where we don't have other things to do except enjoy each others' company and reminisce and encourage one another. We have busy lives full of jobs and children and daily distractions--but I always pray that we'll manage to make room for each other in our lives. Friends are important.

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  1. Was it a bagel or an english muffin? A bagel sounds more substantial, like a meal where you wouldn't have to go get sketchy MXN shrimp tacos after.

    1. I think you are right--and Courtney's digestive system certainly agrees.

  2. Court is in digestive system denial. I also cried a little. Again.

  3. San Diego is our favorite town . . . looks like you had a great time! Keep those relationships . . . I am going with my high school buddies next week. Such fun!


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