Friday, July 26

Before Keaton Came

You know how I had a baby on Monday? Just for a bit, let's pretend that didn't happen.

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My babies are late. I was induced with Finley and Braden and was sure that was what was going to happen with Keaton too.  So eight days before my due date, we packed up for a quick trip back to Virginia. We saw as many friends as we could, helped host an adorable Pinwheel Party... and squeezed in some maternity pictures.  My favorite photographer, Jenn, couldn't believe I hadn't done maternity photos before--and it's because I feel really awkward standing by myself. And slightly more awkward posting said pictures on the blog.

 photo Scottbump-7920_zps4a14e298.jpg

I think you can tell by these pictures how excited Braden is about all the changes... (NOT EXCITED.) I have so many feelings about what it was like to go into labor on my own--and they'll get their own post. Right now I'm a little sad I won't get to wear that dress again (I mean, until Round Four) and a little overwhelmed with finishing some of the little tasks that I had planned to do this week.  LUCKILY, my mom decided to come a week before my due date--just in case I went into labor early. She was here about six hours before my water broke. So the boys were taken care of, and now I have three weeks of help from my mom! Yippee!

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Thanks for indulging me-it seems so far away that Keaton was in my belly! Next time I post I'll be back to acknowledging that I'm not pregnant anymore. I'm happy to be able to move a little easier and have a cute sweet cuddly little guy to love on. And grateful for all the sweet messages and words from friends!


  1. It's tough being in the middle!

  2. You wear pregnancy so well. Maybe you should do it again. The end product is pretty cute too!


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