Friday, September 27

Keaton at Two Months

Keaton is two months old! Which is twice as old as last month. Which mean time really flies!

 photo Print-2174_zpsc13d978d.jpg

Best thing about two month old Keaton? Sweet sweet smiles. Lots of them. And sweet coo-ey giggly sounds. Oh it's the sweetest. He was sleeping in my lap the other day and kept giggling in his sleep. It was perfect.

 photo Print-2157_zps7d9b1303.jpg

Not too many developments in the last month--no rolling over or talking or anything. Just smiles. And general chubbiness.

 photo Print-2132_zpseab5b98c.jpg

Two months brought Keaton's fist trip to the beach and a very exciting long drive there and back. He's not the biggest fan of car trips... which does not bode well for our MEGA car trip to my sister's wedding in Ft. Lauderdale next weekend. #prayforus

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Keaton's a pretty good sleeper--most of the time going down for the night between 8 and 9 and sleeping until between midnight and 1, then getting up to nurse three hours later... and then kind of being a fussy fidgety sleeper until he's up for the day around 8.  Much like Braden. He sleeps better on his belly (rule breaker!) and is a pretty good napper too.

 photo Print-2207_zpsdf9a13db.jpg

(He has two feet, only one pictured here.)  As I was taking pictures of Keaton, I turned and looked through the window and found this hooligan. #crazybigbrother #hashtag

 photo Print-2124_zpsdbd1a3c7.jpg


  1. Oh, he's sweet. And getting so big. Love his many fun expressions!

  2. He is too stinking cute!! I love your idea to use calendars for his monthly pictures! I'm hoping Jona gives me more smiles and less grumpiness as we get closer to the two month mark :)

  3. Miss that little one. Looking good, momma!


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