Friday, February 7


We live in Pennsylvania--but super close to Delaware. And although we are a suburb of Philly, we're actually closer to Wilmington. Which is great because we get to take advantage of a lot of fun things Wilmington has to offer--like the Delaware Children's Theatre. We got season tickets and have been trading who takes Finley--Sol took him to the Wizard of Oz and I took him most recently to Aladdin.

 photo 140125-5888_zpsfba4cdd9.jpg

We got there fairly early, so we practiced smiling. As you can see, he's really improving. (He's not.)

 photo 140125-5906_zps7cb067bb.jpg

Finley LOVES the plays. And we love them because he sits and wiggles in our laps the whole time. It's precious. We were a bit disappointed in Aladdin because it wasn't the Disney-fied version, which meant no Abu, much to Finley's dismay. It was still really cute and he enjoyed it a lot.

 photo 140125-5947_zpsb7e7e9c1.jpg

We booked it to out to get some pictures with the cast--which apparently made him really shy? I love the way he's side-eyeing the genie and is not at all excited about Aladdin and the Princess. Oh well. Promise, he did have a good time! We're looking forward to Winnie the Pooh and Seussical next!



  1. My mom is also going to love this post. She RAISED US on Children's Theatre.

  2. What a fun memory!!! LOVE the theatre.

  3. I wish I could determine how many years we had season tickets to Theatre for Young America - maybe 9 or 10? We went to at least 3 locations as it moved around town. We also went to the Coterie in Crown Center, Theatre in the Park, the Nutcracker, a children's opera, and the list goes on.


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