Sunday, April 10

Merritt || Seven Months

Seven months!

 photo 20160410-Merritt Seven Months-19 copy.jpg

Oh my goodness, this girl. Merritt got tubes this month--they've yet to magically transform her into a baby who sleeps all night... but at least I know her ears aren't hurting her anymore which makes me feel like a good mother. She's got four cute teeth that she likes to bite me with. She generally wakes up twice a night to eat (although technically I wake her up for the first one.) She's kind of a pain to feed... she prefers to nurse in dark, quiet rooms, which are kind of in short supply. I try to feed her when she's sleepy so she'll have a full feeding, otherwise she eats for a few minutes and decides she'd rather play.

 photo 20160414-Merritt Seven Months-76.jpg

She's still a wobbly sitter, but she's getting better. She's VERY good at clapping her hands--a skill I'm sure she learned so she could cheer for me while I ran the Boston Marathon.

 photo 20160414-Merritt Seven Months-63.jpg

She's fairly generous with smiles and giggles--her brothers crack her up!

 photo 20160414-Merritt Seven Months-49.jpg

Her sweet blonde hair is starting to come in a little more. We're still a long way from being able to put a clip in it--but its soft and feathery and maybe has a bit of a curl? Can you imagine how terrible it would be if I had three curly haired boys and then my girl had stick straight hair? Don't you just want to kiss her head?

 photo 20160414-Merritt Seven Months-24.jpg

I've sat her in the high chair twice to feed her and it's gone as you would expect. Bananas and sweet potatoes--she wasn't very interested in either. I'm planning on doing baby led weaning with her--so she's in charge of feeding herself. Nobody has time to spoon feed a baby. Even when they are this sweet.

 photo 20160414-Merritt Seven Months-13.jpg

Her thumb continues to be her favorite thing. I love this little pose--when she first goes for her thumb she uses her other hand to anchor it in there for a bit. It's so precious. We love this girl!

 photo 20160410-Merritt Seven Months-38.jpg

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