Thursday, April 2

38 and 1/7 Weeks

Here is Rachel at 38 weeks and 1 day pregnant:

And here is Sol. He is about 14 weeks pregnant.

Just kidding. Sol is not a pregnant man. My goal was to stay under his weight during pregnancy, and so far I am still about 8 pounds under. Score.

The nursery is a sock monkey themed nursery. I'll probably put some pictures up in the next few days. I have spring break next week! Yippee!

So, American Idol. Really, Megan Joy? You are crazy. Let me tell you, Sol and I love us some Kris Allen. So far I have purchased Kris's "Ain't No Sunshine" and Adam's "Tracks of My Tears". I try really hard not to like Adam, but I like that song a whole lot. I do not need to listen to him scream any more though. Or see him wear man make-up.

Speaking of man make-up, Richard Alpert took poor baby Benjamin Linus's innocence? What does that even mean? A pretty good episode of LOST. I love Ben storylines. He is an awesome villain.

I have to go help Sol--Copper is trying to steal his apple. That's what happens when you lay on the floor and eat an apple I guess.


  1. so excited for this little blog of yours! it's great to hear what's happening in rachel's world! can't wait for the little guy to make his debut!
    -- kristin

  2. Sol has always been a fan of involving food and laying on the floor. I bet James and Sol are about the same time along with their food babies :-)

  3. Food babies!!! That is what I am talking about. Love the pictures and blog. It makes me feel as if I am your friend.


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