Saturday, April 18


You know how it's really exciting to go to bed the night before Christmas (when you are a kid, of course, not now)? Well, eventually it gets a little old when the next day is NEVER Christmas and you keep thinking it will be.

So we went to our appointment yesterday with Dr. Two. Dr. One had a baby last Saturday so we got reassigned to a new doctor, which I didn't really mind. Dr. One had mentioned that I might be a little small to deliver a baby that was close to 8 lbs, so we were anxious to see how big he was. Dr. Two estimated he was 8 lbs 2 oz and agreed that my hips were a little small. Then she decided we should probably go straight to the hospital to monitor the little guy because he wasn't moving much (I am pretty sure this is because my uterus is completely full of baby). And she was thinking that we might need to a c-section this weekend because he was getting so big. Yikes.

So we went to the hospital to meet with... Dr. THREE!!! Dr. Two was not the on-call OB this weekend, so we got another new doctor. After being monitored for awhile (the heartbeat was great and I apparently am having contractions, even though I can't feel them) they sent me to get another major ultrasound. It took forever because they couldn't tell if he was moving or breathing... eventually they decided that there was just no space for him to move and he was fine. Oh, and they think he is 8 lbs 8 oz. Great.

We finally met with Dr. Three, and she felt like my hips were "quite roomy" and that we could just wait until Wednesday (which would be 41 weeks)... so at this point I had been at the hospital for about 5 hours and pretty much broke down. I don't really deal well with not having a plan, and I had adjusted to the thought of needing a c-section and the baby coming soon and now I was hearing that we could hold off for 5 more days. They should not let pregnant ladies make decisions. Pretty much I just cried and told Sol to figure it out. He's a champ. Oh, and the appointment I would have next week is with a new doctor, let's call him Dr. Four. That upset me slightly too. It was getting really hard to hear different opinions from every doctor and have to re-explain everything every time.

So I think we are going to try to make an appointment with Dr. Three first thing Monday and make a plan--whether we are going to induce or go with a c-section. I have very conflicting opinions on whether or not the baby will fit... it's really hard to decide what to do. But I'm pretty sure he gets a little bigger every day and it isn't going to get better. So unless I go into labor this weekend, he'll probably be here around early next week. I don't really mind waiting, I'm just having a hard time to adjusting to plans changing so often! I think my mom has bought like 7 different plane tickets to fly out here... sorry mom (and Laura who will likely have to change her flight too).

But, I feel fine. Concerned about the mammoth baby growing in my belly, but fine otherwise. We are just going to enjoy this lovely weekend and cherish the extra time we have together before our large, stubborn, big-headed baby arrives.

Sorry if I concerned anyone last night, hopefully it meant you were praying for us and we do covet that. So please keep praying that we can relax and make good choices about what to do get our kiddo here. There's officially no room in the womb.

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  1. Hi Rachel - no one ever tells you that the baby doesn't know the time schedule you would like! Don't get too hung up on numbers - they told Erica that Ty was over 9 pounds the week before she induced and he was really only 8lb. 1 oz. They always seem to estimate up - I do hope you get some news on Monday so that you can be ready for what is coming. Enjoy thea beautiful weather and as much sleep as you can get!


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