Monday, April 20

What do you want to hear first...

The good news, or the bad news?

The Good News:

We went to see the doctor (Dr. Two) this morning. She thought we should schedule a c-section and go back to hospital to be monitored some more. We went back and got monitored (everything is fine and I am having some large contractions that I still can't feel) and the wonderful, very sweet nurse thought we really should try for induction. So we have an induction scheduled for tonight at 8:30 with Dr. Five. This doctor (who we still haven't met) seems really nice and was willing to meet with us this afternoon so we wouldn't feel so shuffled around. I'm going to call him in a bit to chat, but we feel really good with what seems to be our very last plan. And we are super excited that the baby will most likely be here TOMORROW!!!! And my family's travel plans are working out better than we even anticipated. (Say a prayer for my sis if you can--she's taking her medical school boards RIGHT NOW and has volunteered to watch my brothers for the weekend so my dad can come meet the baby.)

The Bad News:

Heroes and Gossip Girl are new tonight.

We'll keep you posted. Please keep our health and the baby's health in your prayers. I'm off to plan our last few hours as a twosome.

More good news: the hospital has wi-fi.


  1. Rach!! I'm SO excited for you guys! I think the induction sounds like a great idea. I'll be praying for you guys today, tomorrow, etc. Even thought his has been a crazy few days for you, I know God has it all planned out... Keep us posted! SO exited for baby Scott to make his entrance!! Love you, friend!

  2. Rachel,

    I love reading your blog, as I found it through facebook. So excited for you and Sol...just said a prayer for you guys and your baby boy that is about to enter the world! You two will be wonderful parents! Much love and prayers! - Michelle (Moore) Culley :)


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