Thursday, April 30

The foot.

We had Finley's first appointment to fix his foot on Tuesday. I had been kind of anxious leading up to it. Finley had not. I had lots of feelings running around... I felt slightly guilty for not giving him enough room to grow, very selfishly sad that he wouldn't be as cuddly as he was, and brokenhearted that my baby was going to have a cast.

The appointment was really good--I was definitely the bigger baby out of the two of us and cried the most. He squawked a little bit when the doctor was turning his foot into place, but doesn't seem to mind the cast at all. I don't think he even knows it's there. He can't curl up in his favorite position, but he really seems unaffected by it. He has rolled over from his tummy to his back 4 times--I think the cast gives him some extra oomph, and Sol thinks he is a superbaby.

He'll be in the cast for 2 to 3 months, and he gets a new little cast every week. After that he'll probably have a brace that he wears part time. The cast is also an excellent handle for carrying him around. And the cast is adorable. Everything baby sized is just precious.

Here are a few pictures from the big day...

On the way home from the appointment... if anyone asks, we're telling them that he hurt his leg saving other babies from a burning building.

We decided Finley needed a treat for being so good at the doctor... so we took him on his first trip to Chipotle.

Sol's sister Lili gave us some baby legwarmers... we're using them to cover the cast so he doesn't scratch it on his other leg.

Finley got to take his first long walk! Laura and I went out to a jogging trail and walked for about two miles. I wish I was running, but it was good to move a little bit. And Copper liked it too. (Also, thanks Marie and Dawn for my diaper bag. It makes me happy to change diapers.)

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  1. I was glad to hear that you survived the first of many doctors appointments! The pint-sized cast is adorable and you can always buy some more cool socks to accesorize all of his outfits. I love to read your blog and see how all of you are doing! Love from the B's


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