Thursday, May 7


I'm not doing a very good job at updating.

Finley's just so cute. I don't have much to say about him, except he is precious. He loves to look at lights and sometimes makes a little fish face (second picture). I still think his crying and sneezing and everything is so cute.

He beat his birth weight by 9 ounces at his two week check-up (meaning he weighs 9lbs 2 oz now, for those of you who are math challenged). He is a hungry and growing kid. He doesn't cry very often, and when he does he is super easy to calm down. He really is a joy to be around.

Here are some pictures, they say more than I can.

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I only have one funny story that's happened in my first week at home alone... and the main character is not little Finn, it is my crazy dog Copper. Sol accidently left the gate open earlier this week and our nutso dog escaped. It was several hours before I realized that the manic barking from the front yard was our dog. So I went out (in the rain) to get the soaking wet dog. And to him, its a game, so everytime I get close, he runs away. Or spins in a circle. Seriously, the dog had more crazy in his eyes than I have ever seen. Several of the neighbors are out with treats, but he will not be persuaded. So I keep running inside to check on the baby and eventually Copper takes off down the cul-de-sac... so I have to get in the car to track him down, and I can't find him. And I'm freaking out because I left Finley alone (for about 6 minutes). And I call Sol about nine times to come home and get the dog... no answer. So I race back to the house to check on Finley (he is still sleeping), then I get a phone call. Without looking at who it is, I start explaining to Sol that I need him to come home. Oh no, it's not Sol. It's some people who are coming by from craigslist. So they come over and while I am talking to them in the driveway, my ninja dog slowly creeps toward me. He hides behind bushes and trees and keeps getting closer... after the people leave I turn to walk back in the back yard and the crazy dog trots in ahead of me. I guess he had enough. I wanted to punch him in his soaking wet face.


  1. Super cute photos of Finley! Some wonderful cousin must have given him that adorable panda onesie :)


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