Thursday, May 28

People Who Have Held My Baby Lately

This is my baby. He is auditioning to be the youngest James Bond.

We went to Oklahoma/Wichita to visit family/celebrate Amy's marriage and Finley got to meet a lot of new arms...

My family, minus Laura. Also minus a lot of shoes, because they live in Oklahoma now. Seriously family, wear proper footwear.

On his first plane ride, in his daddy's arms. He was a super trooper, didn't make a peep on the plane!

On the dance floor at the wedding. I believe he was being introduced to the awesomeness of pre-Neverland Michael Jackson.


Uncle Ben.

Mommy and Finn in the light of the Wii


Uncle Dan. I don't think he likes your music, Dan.


The wedding was legen... wait for it... I hope you like milk because here comes the DAIRY. For several reasons, there was a ridiculous choreographed dance to Beyonce, Spaghettio's, a magician, and also my son remembered to "suit up".

Katie and Stina... I'm lacking a LOT of pictures of friends holding the baby. Whoops. If you have one of you and my child, send it my way please.

Alison! We watched my new favie, SYTYCD together and hopefully, I got her hooked. We were happy that we got to see them while they were in DC. You can tell I am doing a great job of showering frequently.

It was so fun to introduce Finley to so many people we love. And I don't think he got the swine flu! He is up to 11lbs 2oz and just got another cast. He's moving right along. That's all for now.

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