Wednesday, May 27

Finley 2, Copper 0

Here is our smart dog Copper, guarding the crib.

While Copper may be developmentally ahead of Finley (Copper can walk, sit...), Finley has mastered the one trick I can't seem to teach Copper. And for that, Finley gets a point.

He can roll! Sol kept telling me he rolled without the cast, and today I witnessed it and captured it on "film". (How do we capture photos now... on jpeg?)

He also smiles more than Copper, earning him another point...

The smiles make me happy and a little sad. I love that he is reacting to us more and more and becoming a little person... but I am sad to think that he is slowly going to transition from being my baby to a little man. People keep telling me how fast they grow up and instead of cherishing moments, I am wistful that everyday he changes so much. I am going to make an effort to celebrate him more. Because how cute is that smile? I'm pretty thrilled to be on the receiving end of millions more of those smiles. I'm a lucky, lucky girl.


  1. Rachel and Sol,

    Finley looks so happy. David said yesterday that he is ready for another road trip to see his grandson...I guess you are not alone, Rachel, in wanting to be on the receiving end.XOXO

  2. DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN HE WAS THIS LITTLE? Can we get another baby yet?


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