Tuesday, May 19

His Foot is Free!

We had Finn's 4th foot appointment today, and they are giving him a week off with no cast! The skin on his foot needs a little time to stretch and readjust before the next cast. His foot has moved to the normal position, but there will still be a few more casts to go--they over correct the foot so that eventually it will settle into normal position rather than the initial position.

The sad news is that I have to do a little physical therapy on his foot every time I change his diaper and he doesn't really like it. It's basically just stretching his foot so that it remains limber, but he screams a lot when you mess with the foot. I think he just isn't used to having anyone touch it, because he is totally happy as soon as you let go.

I'm excited that his time with family and friends will be extra cuddly. And we're excited to give him a real bath and get his smelly leg really clean.

Finley and his big brother Copper... they love each other,


  1. I can see Belle cuddled up with them too. What a cute group of little lovely things they will be!

  2. Um...could Finley and Copper be anymore cute! Man, I wish I come over everyday and see the little guy! For now, I will just be glued to your blog!

    Miss you all!

  3. Rachel and Sol, We can't believe that much has improved in one month! I had to do those stretches with Summer's foot, also. One of the hard jobs of parenting. letting your child feel pain. Miss all four of you..M and D.

  4. when did Copper stop liking F? need an update on that one.


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