Friday, June 12

Things I Love

First off, Finley really loves me. In fact, he loves me so much that he doesn't want to sleep unless I am holding him. However, at this moment he has been sleeping for fourteen minutes and a different room! Magic! I don't mind holding him while he sleeps--he's an angel--but there is significantly less blog updating, dish washing and house/Rachel cleaning that occurs when he needs to be held to sleep. Let's see how much longer he sleeps...

I love Goldfish Crackers. I love them so much. So much. I am on my 3rd gallon size box of them since he was born. That's a lot of fishies. And I love them because the name of the fish on the box is also Finn. Clearly, Finn the human is excited about Finn the snack. Please forgive the way I look in the next two pictures. Finley doesn't allow me to look my awesomest.

I love sleeping with my baby. He is so cuddly now and likely won't let me cuddle him forever. Sol snuck up on me in my sleeping beauty and took this picture. Finley really likes my face, so much that he had to grab it while we slept.

I love that Finley changes a little at a time. We got him to hold this rattle and its pretty cute. I don't think he knows he's holding it, or realizes that it makes a sound, but we can pretend.

I love that his little foot is healing. It's better every time we go in--a few more casts and then they will decide if he needs a minor surgery to lengthen his Achilles tendon. We're hoping not, but the doctor told us that the surgery takes less time than the explanation of the surgery, so that is good news.

And I love this little face.

But most of all.... I love that he's still asleep! It's been like 22 minutes! What should I do with all this free time? I'll probably go watch Big Love. Peace.

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  1. You know what I love? I LOVE blog updates! He is just precious, and you are beautiful my dear. love you!


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