Monday, June 15

The Goal

This is the goal.

Every day, my goal is to collect as many of these sweet little smiles as I can.

Often when Finley's fussy, just laying him on the changing table makes him happy. I'm not sure why he loves it so much, but he could lay on the changing table for quite a while. Because I was tired of standing beside him to make sure he doesn't fling himself off, I stuck books in beside him to act like a guardrail. I'm not sure why he likes the changing table so much. In fact, sometimes he cries when we pick up him back up from laying down. It makes me a little sad that sometimes he'd rather play alone than be held by me...

We bought a little play gym for him since he likes to occasionally play alone. He loves it (as far as I can tell). He'll lay and look at the toys for a good amount of time. He starting rolling to the left and right so that he can see all the toys. And today he scooted himself in a quarter of a circle so he could look at himself in the mirror. It's so neat to watch him figure stuff out and to see him gain interest in his surroundings.

I still like him a lot.


  1. I dreamt about Finn last night. He was so happy.

  2. He seems to be doing a good job of eating lately...sobrino gordo I love you


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