Tuesday, June 16

It's a first.

Today I did something I had never done before.

I mowed the lawn.

How I have made it this far in my life without mowing the yard is a mystery and a feat I am quite proud of. Once I had to weed-eat my parents' lawn. This was a punishment because my boyfriend came over to the house when my parents weren't home. So they made me weed-whatever the lawn. Because my boyfriend came over... to DUMP ME. That's right, my 15 year old self got dumped then had to do lawn work. AND, I wasn't technically breaking any rules because we stayed OUTside and I wasn't allowed to have boys INside. I have cruel parents.

But then my mom gave me FIVE different kinds of M&Ms so it wasn't so bad.

Anyway, I had never mowed the lawn, until today.

I got back from a run and the yard looked like a jungle, and my poor husband went to work at 5 this morning and probably won't get back until 8... so I mowed. And Finley mowed. And Copper tried to stop us.

But you can't stop us! We were on a mission to mow!

Do you know what our yard used to look like? This.

And now it looks like this!

Also, thanks to these people who traveled so far and spent a whole day whipping it into shape.

The lawn has come so far, and I couldn't stand in its way. I sacrificed my non-mowing streak for the greater good. But I'm not planning on making a habit of it. It wasn't all that fun.


  1. I remember the M&M's. It is a proven fact that chocolate helps heal broken hearts. Congrats on the mowing. You did good

  2. Mulch around your tree, you know the one in the middle of the yard in the picture above. Start 2 inches from the trunk and work your way out. It will hold moisture (good for the tree) and you will have to mow less (good for you).

  3. Rachel you are hilarious! I love reading your blog entries. Poor Sol. 5 am????

  4. I cannot believe you do not like mowing lawns. Um, I love it! Hello, summertime with you and sol working at BC = love of mowing grass. I will come over anytime to mow it...and play with Finley...and pinch you and solly...please?


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