Wednesday, June 17

8 weeks!

We had Finley's 8 week check-up yesterday, and he's doing great. Here are his stats:

Height: 23 inches (75th %tile)
Weight: 13 lbs (95th %tile)
Head: 15.5 inches (50th %tile)

So he's a big boy. He also got some shots which was a little sad. Because of all his casting, I'm used to seeing doctors make him sad so it wasn't too bad for me. He cried a little and was a bit fussy yesterday. But today...

He puked all over me. He was eating very nicely, started to cough, then puked all over me. And my first thought was, "Hurray! Something interesting to blog about!" Then I called the doctor, because I'm a good mom. He seems fine now, a little fussy and clingy but not too bad. And he has two cool tazmanian devil band-aids. Poor little boy. But as soon as he puked he must have felt better because this is what he looked like.

Also, we gave him a bath because he had a day with no cast. And he was cute.


  1. 8 weeks already! His little face and cheeks are so full now. Looks like a little doll baby, and he certainly loves his mommy.


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