Wednesday, July 29

29 on the 29th!

Happy Birthday Sol!

My sweet husband has waited approximately 29 years to turn 29 on the 29th. In honor of his "golden star" birthday, Finley and I have compiled a list 29 things we love about our favorite daddy/husband.

  1. He has sweet dance moves.
  2. He has seemingly infinite knowledge about Microsoft Excel.
  3. He sells oil with the best of them (or he used to, now he analyzes other people selling oil).
  4. Even after a long day at work, he wants to hold Finley right away when he gets home.
  5. He makes up funny songs about dancing with our dog.
  6. PS I Love You made him so sad his face hurt.
  7. He always cleans up dog puke, even when its Victoria's dog's and not ours.
  8. He is a very handy man--he made us a lovely house to live in and grew a lovely backyard full of grass.
  9. He tries to sing along to every song on the radio, even though he rarely knows the words.
  10. He is the funniest man Finley has ever met.
  11. He can remember very random things that I totally have forgotten.
  12. He tells me I'm pretty.
  13. I can always talk him into taking me to Chick-fil-a. Or Five Guys.
  14. He is so so smart at making good investments.
  15. Finley is especially grateful that his daddy has more athletic skills than his mom, so the poor kid stands a chance at being able to catch a ball.
  16. He likes to talk about math.
  17. He loves my friends and lets me be ridiculous around them.
  18. He gently helps me become a better mother and wife.
  19. He is great at making brick pathways.
  20. His grilling skills are second to none... as long as he remembers to put the cheese on the burgers after they've been flipped.
  21. He makes up funny words and sometimes I don't know what he's talking about.
  22. He pretends that he likes to watch American Idol and SYTYCD with me.
  23. He loves to burp Finley.
  24. He can fall asleep within seconds of laying down... anywhere... even if I am talking to him.
  25. He lays down and cracks his back in public places.
  26. Even though he always wants to see Transformers, he lets me pick the movie we watch about 80% of the time.
  27. He has no less than 10 tubs of his hair styling product.
  28. He doesn't always miss his flights.
  29. He's just a good daddy and husband. We're really happy to have him around,
We love you, Sol! Thanks for being so wonderful.

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  1. My favorite is that Sol doesn't ALWAYS miss his flights- just mostly, right? :-)


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