Monday, August 3

What's between SC and VA?

My family is rarely in one state because of our ridiculous living arrangements. Laura is in med school in RI, my dad and brothers live in OK, my mom works/lives in SC and flies to OK on the weekends, and we live in lovely NOVA... got it? I'll try to draw a diagram for the next post.

So this is what happened.

Laura happened to have a week off from med school so she flew to Raleigh, NC.
My dad and the boys flew to Greenville, SC... then drove to Raleigh with my mom.
And Sol, Finley and I drove down to Raleigh.

Because that's how we roll--we meet in random states in order to see each other. North Carolina happens to be right between South Carolina and Virginia, so we met up and had a grand ol' time. Here's what we did.

We started off by terrorizing my child. (Daniel thought Finley would really like lots of finger snapping. He was wrong.)

Then we sailed/kayaked/rowed. ("I sailed on my first try! I just let the boat do the work.")

We visited UNC.

Then we did some bowling. (I got the lowest score, my husband got the highest. And we established that Finley weighs more than a bowling ball.)

We visited the Duke Gardens, and then Finn had a minor meltdown.

And Finley became a master of grabbing things.

The trip was approximately 26 hours long for us, but it was so fun. It's so fun to see Dan and Ben play with Finley and learn to be good uncles--both of them asked me if they could give him an M&M and I think they were serious. Finley was a great baby and did really well in the car. It's sad that most of my family won't see the little guy until Christmas, he'll be an entirely different baby by then. I think I'm ready for him to grow a little slower.


  1. Anne thinks we should have a blog off. Bring it.

  2. I wish I'd known you'd be in town! I would have tracked you and the fam down at UNC or Duke Gardens... I hope you enjoyed your time here! I can't believe I'm leaving so soon...


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