Monday, July 13

8 Miles.

Unfortunately this blog post is NOT about my favorite movie starring my favorite white rapper. It is about how far I just ran and the ridiculous amount of time it took.

8 miles. 1 hour and 39 minutes. Seriously.

That's so long. It's so hard to run 8 miles when it takes that long to finish it... and when you are pushing a heavy stroller... and when its hot. I don't do well in the heat. I wilt.

I used to be able to run 8 miles in just over an hour... I could knock out at least 12 miles in the time it just took me to do 8. This makes training for a marathon a considerably larger task since it's going to take FOREVER.

In Finley related news, he figured out how to grab things. I find this remarkable.

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  1. Just start channeling Pre while you run. Maybe wear a green Oregon t-shirt. You will be running 4 minute miles before you know it :)


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