Friday, July 10

The Fourth.

My BFF from college, Miss Victoria Luhrs, moved in to our downstairs a few days before the fourth. Because she loves DC and I remain ambivalent towards it, she is making it her goal to make me love it. Step 1 was venturing into the city for dinner and fireworks.

Victoria brought her entourage to help her move in, and we ate at a yummy Mexican restaurant then watched the fireworks on the mall. I also taught Tara one of my most important rules. If you are ever at a cupcake shop, it is just plain ridicuculous to just buy one cupcake. You should buy at least two, prefarably a hundred.

Finley loved the fireworks. He was so excited he pooped his pants right before they began. Then he looked in their general direction, which I will interpret as "watching with great glee".
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