Monday, July 6


We're back at home and doing fine. In case you are interested, the Ponseti Method is how his clubfoot is being corrected. It's the least invasive way, and pretty excited that we ended up with this course of treatment. They used to surgically take the foot apart and rebuild it, so its great they can fix him gentler.

Finley was an angel before surgery--smiling and giggling up until they put him to sleep. The doctors were very impressed. He was only away from us for about 25 minutes, super quick. When I got him back, however, it was heartbreaking. He was SO upset and making the saddest, angriest cries I've ever heard. We eventually got him settled down but he was still pretty unhappy until we got him to sleep. He's awake (and a little loopy) now, and content enough that I've got him to smile a little.

Thanks for all the prayers, emails and texts. (Prayers to God, emails and texts to me. Unless God has a hotline I am unaware of.) It was so so sad to see him scared and uncomfortable, but he has gotten it together pretty quickly.

Very sadly, we did not get a picture of him in his little hospital outfit, it was too cute. He had to wear a huge gown and pants and socks. It was funny.

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  1. Even without pictures, I can imagine his sweet smile. So pleased at the outcome and looking forward to brighter days and more beautiful Finley smiles.


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