Sunday, July 5

Filet o'Finn

One time, I sliced my leg open on a piece of rebar. Sol and I have always referred to this incident as when I "filleted" my leg. He had to take me to the hospital because it was such a big gash--at one point he had to carry me, I don't quite remember why. This was the point in our relationship when Sol decided he loved me, even though he didn't tell me for awhile. And he also left me at the hospital because he was going to see a movie and Tara had to come get me. (Sol would like me to point out that he was taking some of his students to a movie or something... he can't remember. I just remember being abandoned by the man who apparently loved me.)

Finley is having a filleting of the leg tomorrow at 12:30. His doctor has decided that they haven't been able to stretch his heel cord enough with the casts, so they need to do the surgery to finish the correction of his foot. The surgery is necessary 80% of the time for clubfoot. They'll be cutting his heel cord so that it will heal and grow back longer. The surgery is super quick--our doctor tells us it takes longer to explain than to perform. After the surgery, he'll be in a cast for several more weeks, then in a brace for a very long time.

Please pray that it goes well for all of us! Specifically:
  • that he would be calm and content leading up to the surgery--I can't feed him for the 6 hours prior
  • that it wouldn't be traumatic for Sol and I to see him be put to sleep
  • that there would be no complications in the anesthesia or surgery
  • that his foot would heal correctly and the recovery will be quick and easy
  • that I would correctly use "heel" and "heal" when typing
Thanks, gentle readers.

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