Wednesday, July 1

South Carolina

To give Sol a little time to focus on his work, Finley and I flew down to South Carolina to spend a few days with my mom. She was more than willing to work shorter days and play with us. It was so fantastic--I really love Greenville. My mom got to show Finley off to her co-workers while I was treated to a wonderful massage! We ate several delicious meals and spent an embarassing amount of time shopping for Vera Bradley items. It was great!

Sol and the puppy missed us alot--I think Copper was the most upset. He ate several nail files, a shoe and my goggles. He normally NEVER chews our things. He was a sad pup. They both were--and they had to spend lots of time snuggling when we got back.

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  1. it was a delightful visit. Come back ANYTIME. Love, Mom

  2. VERY nice hair bump. I think I did a fairly successful one today. I think that part of the trick of it is to wear it with confidence.


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