Tuesday, June 23

He's a handy man.

Finley found his hands. He loves them so much. He will put his little hands together and use one to push the other to his mouth. He gets really excited about it--it's super cute. Just thought I should tell you.

Oh, and also, his foot. It's completely corrected on the horizontal direction, but still needs some more flexibility in the vertical direction. (I forget the fancy medical words... dorsi flexion? Something?) They are going to do a few more casts to see if they can stretch it and avoid surgery. The surgery cuts his heel cord and lets it heal back a little longer. We'd love some prayers that we can avoid Finley going under the knife. But his foot has healed so much--its amazing what babies can do. I realized I don't have a great "before" picture... but you can kind of see the difference. The top leg in the first picture shows his little foot hooked inward and upward--now its a normal foot! Good job, Finn, your bones are like jello.


  1. That seals the deal. Finley is AMAZING.

  2. Love the paul frank onesie. I want one. Finley is a rock star!


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