Tuesday, August 11

New Design


I spent approximately a million hours last night, sitting on on my mother's couch in South Carolina redesigning the blog. Good thing Victoria redesigned hers first and could teach me all the shortcuts, otherwise it would have been a billion hours. I have taken a couple java programming courses, so html code doesn't look all too foreign... but I still really don't know what I'm doing. I'm still trying to design things for the side bar, but I decided it was ready for public viewing.

It was SO fun.

I could have paid someone $35 to design it for me... but why do that when I could spend $7 to get the supplies and then the spend the whole evening using the teeny button mouse on my laptop and almost break my finger off?

So enjoy the new design. If you are reading this in blogger or google reader, pop over and check it out. I'm a little proud.

And if you aren't reading this in reader, you are making one of the biggest mistakes of your life. See my previous post on using reader, and delve into the world of blogging.

There's just so much to read out there.


  1. ok, I want to know where she learned this stuff. I have found a couple things but not all of your jazzy stuff! I love it!

  2. Love the new page design! The colors, the monkey, the tags -all of it- cute cute cute!
    -Mel :o)


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