Tuesday, August 11

Three Ways

Victoria, Finley and I are having a great time spending time with my mom in Greenville, SC. We took some really cute pictures today in downtown by the river.

This was not one of them.

Don't get me wrong--Finley looks precious. But my hair is awfully whooshy and Victoria and my faces look slightly crazy.

I thought this would be an excellent picture to use to refine my photoshopping skills. Which are still pretty elementary at best.

We look so very dreamy in this one. Dreaming of apparently exciting crazy things.

The color just looks nicer on this one. I was not able to photoshop us into normal human beings.

This one reminds me of a newspaper clipping. I am not in any state of mind to come up with a clever caption. I tried though.

Why are we so crazy? Finley, I am so sorry that you have to hang out with two nuts all the time.

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  1. I finally came up for a caption. "Last photo of child with crazed caretakers before he falls into waterfall."


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