Sunday, August 16

Carter Party

We had our good friends, the Carters, over for a yummy dinner on Saturday night. We had been talking about cooking lobster for a long time, and Kelli and I finally decided to plan it. Unfortunately, we aren't very good emailers and planned it for different nights. But we ended up eating on Saturday, and it was so fun.

  • Steaming Lobster--and learning that Sol eats more parts of the lobster than any other human. I tried to tell him that some parts of the lobster weren't meant to be consumed and he did not listen. Gross.
  • Puppy Party--Copper, Scout (Carter's dog) and Belle (Vic's dog) romped in the backyard and formed some sort of gang. They were funny, they showed how fast they could run and how good they are at slobbering on each others' necks.
  • A Chemistry Lesson on Salt--Sol was trying to teach us about the saturation point of salt water... something about cooling down boiling salt water then adding more salt and it becoming solid. But instead he broke the salt grinder and spilled it all over.
  • Finley's New Pet--He loved the lobster like he loves Copper. And then the lobster was boiled alive. Poor little guy.

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