Monday, August 17

Ten Things.

1. Sometimes Finley likes a pacifier, but he's not very skilled at keeping it in his mouth. Last night, he was falling asleep with it and I heard him spit it out. I walked in to put the pacifier back in his mouth and this is where it was.

2. Finley currently only takes a bottle from Sol and me. I was pleased when I though the was a skilled bottle taker and would be fine when I went back to school... but I am having a hard time getting him to take one from anyone else. Whoops.

3. Blogging is the new scrapbooking... but I'm trying to keep it old school. This has been a great way to keep track of Finn's milestones, but I am trying to make a scrapbook too. The last thing I scrapbooked was the middle of my wedding ceremony, so I've decided to skip the era of our lives between the wedding and the baby. Oh well.

4. I only have 2 more weeks of summer.

5. I ran 14 miles on Sunday and broke the ever elusive 10 min/mile barrier!!!! My sweet friend Kara ran with me, and had she not been there I would have been much slower. If only there was a special qualifying time for Boston if you've had a baby recently.

6. Finley's 4 month appointment is tomorrow! He's so old.

7. My BFFCWLD*, Victoria, got a job teaching... at my school! Our lifelong ambition to teach together will be fulfilled so soon.

8. I was disappointed by the Mad Men season premiere. Donald Draper, please be nice to your wife.

9. My baby brother Dan moved out yesterday. He's going to a special school for kids who love science and math. Watch out, ladies. This means my father and Benjamin are living in the Tulsa house all by themselves during the week. Yikes.

10. Sol bought me a new lens that will be here tomorrow. Let the lovely photography ensue.

*Best Friend From College Who Lives Downstairs


  1. Thanks for hyper linking to my blog. Let's get domain names.

    PS. You were right. I love reader.

  2. do not get domain names, nerds. that stuff costs money. i am very excited to meet finley in two and half weeks! oh, and will you run with me when i come visit? i checked my schedule and i need to get a nice 8-10 mile run in. and i love 10 minute miles.

  3. Glad Victoria got a job! Tell her congrats from me. If you ever need some inspiration with your old school scrapbook, we could get together for mutual scrapbooking/chatting.

  4. Rach-- maybe I should be Finley's new nanny because he took the bottle from me...oh yeah, I am not bragging or anything...hmm...


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