Tuesday, August 18

Four Months.

Finley had his four month check up today. He was a super baby and tolerated the shots pretty well. Good news--he has grown.

Length: 26 inches, 90%
Weight: 16 lbs, 75%
Noggin: 16 inches

His percentile for length jumped up and for weight dropped a bit. I thought he looked like he'd thinned down a bit and I was correct. Can you imagine growing 5 inches in 4 months? Gaining 25% of your height? That's crazy. Babies, man, they are nuts.

At four months, he's an excellent roller. He can get from his back to his belly super quick, and prefers to be on his belly. He scoots in a little circle to get facing whatever he likes to look at. He likes the music in his crib and the little froggy song on his carseat. He quiets down whenever he hears it. He giggles and smiles and just about anything, it doesn't take much. If I'm not paying attention to him, he waits patiently until I turn to look at him and gives me a smile. He loves to stand up and will keep getting better after we get his splint tomorrow. He's so close to being able to sit on his own, but he's still a little too wobbly to keep himself upright.

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

My new lens is awesomely fun. I already have the bad habit of taking only extremely close pictures of Finley's face, and this lens does not help. I just think its lovely, and my subject is too cute to not photograph. My poor subsequent children, they are just going to feel unloved when they realize how many megabytes Finley already occupies.


  1. I love looking at photos of his face. Even though I can look at it all day. I just love to look at it.

  2. THis may sound lame because I am his Aunt but Finley is like the cutest baby ever!!! And SOl, he looks so much like you it's crazy!

  3. We are looking at David as a baby, definitely. Finley has about 6 inches on the head size to go to catch up with his G'pa. I read somewhere that the first year of a baby's life they develop as much as they did in the uterus while you were pregnant. You are right, that is amazing.


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