Wednesday, August 19

Sock Monkey Nursery

Hello fellow Sock Monkey adorers! Welcome to my tour of Finley's nursery. I'm no longer focusing my creative energies on decorating Finley's nursery--I do design blogs and sell cute stuff on etsy. You can buy our sock monkey prints here. Go take a look!

Interesting things about the nursery:
  • I made all the bedding and curtains and pretty much anything made of fabric. I found the cutest sock monkey fabric and ended up ordering it from several different websites. My crowning achievement was sewing piping on to the bumper. It took some skill. I made the mobile too--out of tiny little sock monkeys I ordered on Amazon.
  • When I was about 5 weeks pregnant, Courtney and I took two sock monkeys (Curt and Warner) to the park for a photo shoot. We were extremely embarrassed to be toting around sock monkeys but the pictures turned out so great! They are the cutest nursery decorations.
  • Victoria helped me paint the nursery white. Sol and 8 month pregnant Rachel painstakingly painted the straightest stripes you'll ever find on that wall. I love the paint colors!
  • We got the crib and changing table from craigslist (of course). They're originally from Pottery Barn, and the changing table is my favorite. I love the pictures and the strip running through the cutout.
  • Behind the red curtain on the left is our washer and dryer. Man, having it in Finley's room makes washing cloth diapers a breeze. Later on it may cause noise issues, but it sure is nice now.

**This post has been getting a lot of google hits from people searching for sock monkey nurseries. Please let me know if you need any pointers, or feel free to post a link to your sock monkey nursery below! I'd love to see it. **


  1. Rachel - I am so impressed with your sewing ability!!! I am glad one of our 4 girls likes to sew! The nursery is adorable and Finley even more so. Give that sweet baby a kiss from me.

  2. Congrats on the slide show! Looks great, nursery shows well. Sewing projects look so pro. Here's an atta girl from moi.

  3. You did a great job decorating your nursery.
    How cool is that?!

  4. So beautiful!! The pictures of the sock monkey are awesome! This is an awesome option for a gender-neutral nursery. You probably saved tons by DIYing everything too! Thanks for the great ideas!

  5. This looks so great! I love the pictures of the sock monkey on the play ground!! So cute!


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