Friday, August 21

A Banner Day for Finley

I go back to school in 10 days.

Oh my goodness, that is soon! It's so sad.

Especially because my darling son decided not to take a bottle from anyone he is not directly related to. (Sol and I, Maya and my mom are all successful bottle givers.)

Until today!

Victoria has been diligently trying to give Finley a bottle for at least a week. Normally, he'll eat happily for about 30 seconds and then realize that his life is out order and proceed to have a meltdown. It's really bad.

Our smart friend Brytt recommended feeding him in his swing... and it worked!

I think it also helped that Belle and Copper were there to provide moral support.

Hopefully this will make his first days without me happier... no one likes a baby on a hunger strike.

You can see his little splint in the picture--he's doesn't seem to mind it. We're slowly breaking it in so it doesn't give him any blisters. I am not quite sure what part of the splint was going to be flames--there is a one inch section that turned out blue. I guess I should have gotten a cool pattern after all.


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