Monday, August 24

A Vacation.... From Our PROBLEMS

Man, don't you love What About Bob? Good thing Dr. Leo Marvin sent Bob on that vacation to Lake Winnipesaukee, otherwise he never would have been cured with the death therapy.

Anyways, we are on a vacation. Not from our problems, but a vacation from the busy-ness of Northern Virginia. Let me tell you, Southern Virginia is a different world. People are much friendlier--everyone asks about his splint.

We spent yesterday in Williamsburg, and today we drove down to the Outer Banks. Here are my two favorite pictures so far--Sol and Finley in a teepee in the Williamsburg Indian re-creation thingy, and Finley and I at a winery. The kid is so refined already.

Finley has decided recently that he doesn't need to sleep through the night anymore. We used to get a solid six hours, and now he wakes up almost every hour for the first half of the night, and always wants to eat. I think its partly due to the fact that he is a really good roller now, we stopped swaddling him and he might be teething. I miss all that nice uninterrupted sleep--any pointers? I googled the heck out of and think it might be the "4 month sleep regression" but I don't know how to fix it... anyone reading this have a similar situation ever?


  1. Nice what about bob reference. I blogged about your vacation too. Make that baby sleep.

  2. Not that I am counting...but, i think this is Finley's third winery (Raleigh, Biltmore and Southern Virginia). Very cultured for a fourth month old. Glad you are having a wonderful time.

  3. Oh...about the sleep thing. It happens, it will pass and it will come back. By the time he grows up and goea away to college, he will be sleeping through the night. Don't sweat it. :-)

  4. First, you need to face his bed south-east. Then you should let him sleep in your pajamas, use your toothbrush, bunk in your son Sigmund's room and practice turrets. Works every time ;)

  5. I'm no expert, but here's our experience with sleeping.

    1) Kate did the same 4-month thing. At the advice of our (laid-back) pediatrician, we decided it was time to do some sleep training. The Dr's theory is that they're a lot less stubborn at 4 months than at 12 months. And he assured us that metabolicaly she could go 12+ hours without food. We did a gentle cry-it-out method, where we'd go in every 20 minutes or so, put her paci back in and rub her tummy. But we wouldn't pick her up. It took 2 nights of this, and she started sleeping through the night again. Totally worth the crying, in my opinion - for both us and her (she needs the sleep). I realize not everyone agrees with this method, and that's fine! You just have to do what works for you and your baby! :)
    2) Vacations can throw babies off. Not the place to start sleep training.

    Kate has gone through what I think were a few growth spurts where she would wake up again some in the night. If she did it more than 3-4 nights in a row, we would start the sleep training again.

    Good luck, my friend! You're a fantastic mom!

  6. No doubt who that baby's daddy is - he's the spitting image of Sol!!

    About the sleep thing - that happened to us, too (a little before 4 months). I didn't get another full night's sleep until 11 months, but can only offer, as my mom says, "you just have to live through it." :)

  7. Nice onesie. Did anyone pay you for photos with him?


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