Thursday, August 27

Something is changing...

Pictures from our vacation are forthcoming... but in the meantime there are some developments underfoot that I am a little concerned about.

1. Finley drools... a lot.
2. He is constantly lunging at his hands and furiously sucks on them.
3. Finley just realized that at the bottom of his legs are FEET and he thinks they are excellent toys.
4. The silly kid doesn't want to eat during the day anymore, only at night.

While all of these may seem harmless when viewed individually, I'm pretty sure they combine to something sinister.

Finley is turning into a VAMPIRE!

He drools when he sees people, tries to eat human flesh (on his hands), plays with his food (feet) and is becoming nocturnal. I am worried about teeth coming in (which the pediatrician said could be soon) because then he will begin to suck my blood.

I know these things, I read Twilight.


Or demon...

You decide.


  1. thanks for making me laugh this morning. can't wait to see you all in a week!

  2. Rachel, that is the funniest thing i've seen/read in a long time. You are hilarious. Poor Finley, he is on a dark eternal path now and I wish him luck. If he runs into the Cullen clan, tell him to tell Edward to call me.


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