Sunday, August 30

Outer Banks

...Sorry if you got this post yesterday, I had a weird time uploading pictures. It works now!

My favorite part of looking at other peoples' blogs are all the pictures... so I hope you feel the same way, because I have a lot of pictures. I take so many pictures that I feel like my computer is literally going to overflow from all the files. I guess we will see.

So here we go.

First. I used to not like seafood. Then I decided I could eat shrimp. Then we moved to Boston and I couldn't say no to lobster... and now I will pretty much eat it all. It bothers me when sealife still looks like it did in the sea, but Sol and I are working out a system. He peels all my shrimp and pulls the meat out of my lobster. I'm ok with oysters and crab legs, because its only half a sea creature--it doesn't look like its going to rear its head and get me.

Seafood Math:
39 oysters + 8 crab legs + 1 pound of shrimp = 2 freaked out digestive systems

Second. We stayed in Kitty Hawk. North Carolina is all proud that they were the "First in Flight". I was not impressed--I lived in Dayton, Ohio for quite awhile, and any Ohioan will tell you that Ohio is actually the "Birthplace of Aviation". But, even though I think NC is trying to steal the thunder from OH, we went to the Wright Brothers Memorial. No one else was there and the sun was setting... we got some lovely pictures. Finley made good friends with Wilbur and demonstrated how he can fly too.

Third. The beach. Finley did NOT like the ocean, but he did like the pool. We're excited to get him swimming next year. Sol got a little burnt, I did not. Also, there was a lighthouse.

Fourth. Finley started trying to read a book (American Wife, very good!) and got to experience Duck's Donuts--you get to pick out your own toppings! It's like ice cream for the morning.

Fifth. He's just really cute.


  1. Pictures definitely worked and are just beautiful. Good work Rach!

  2. That last picture of Fin is so cute!

  3. I have that Don't Mess with Kansas Either shirt!

    Glad to see that you had a good time in my previous semi-home state of NC.


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