Sunday, August 30

Goodbye Summer...

Tomorrow I go back to school.

I really like summer. A LOT. I like spending time with Finley and getting to run in the mornings and sleep in slightly later. I do NOT like the heat, but I do like summer.

So, summer's over. I have a week of meetings then real kids on Tuesday. This year, I'm teaching 3 sections of Algebra and 2 sections of an Algebra-prep course to get kids into Algebra who might not without the course. The year should be a bit simpler than last year--I'm not new anymore and I already have lessons for Algebra prepared. AND I get to teach in the same building as Victoria!

Sadly, Finley isn't old enough to go to 8th grade. So he's going to stay here and our friend Amy is going to come watch him. He's promised to be a good boy and we're in discussions on how to get him to stop eating at night and eat during the day instead. We can't wait for November--Amy will have a new little boy named Calvin for Finley to play with. I'm so grateful that Amy is willing to watch Finley here, it makes it quite a bit easier to leave him every day.

Please be good, Finley, and don't forget that we love you very much, even if we're not here all day.

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