Wednesday, September 2


I tried, but I couldn't pick a winner of the inaugural giveaway. So just like in elementary school, everyone is a winner!

Victoria: Keep on blogging. I love to read your thoughts about your life (and often mine). I love your perfectly photoshopped pictures and snappy writing. You have also inspired me to MAYBE fork over the $10 to buy a domain name. MAYBE.

Kristin: You are the first blog I ever followed... and continue to be my favorite. I love LOVE to see pictures of sweet Kate. And you are so thought provoking and genuine--I love to read what you are living.

Courtney: You probably should have a blog. You are a funny girl. But because you don't have a blog (YET) here's my advice: cut your hair. I did it. You should too. Emily Gilmore Andrea would be proud.

Lauren: Are you kidding? Blogless in the OP is awesome. You need to start that... we'll help you off the ground when you get here Friday! See you soon!

Carrie: Well, I believe your sonogram is tomorrow... we probably won't be able to tell if the baby is Asian, but if it is a flightless bird then your blog is MONEY. Other advice, we need to see each other soon.

Marie: You left a comment on my facebook wall instead of here... but I'm going to count it. Two pieces of advice. Update your freaking blog. And teach like you mean it. You are fantastic and I miss you.

Tara: You also get advice because you linked to me today. One, you are awesome for teaching me about google analytics. I adore data (that is really strange to say...) Two, you are on wordpress... Victoria and I decided that is pretentious and you should switch to blogger. Although our opinion has no basis whatsoever.

I hope your lives are enriched. And I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean...


  1. I totally missed out on the giveaway, bummer! And I agree with you-Carrie and Courtney need to start blogs.


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