Tuesday, September 22

Five Months

Finley turned 5 months old yesterday!

He is such a fun boy to be around. He likes to practice sitting up and standing and he is getting more and more determined to become mobile. He rolls all over the place and somehow manages to lunge himself forward. He thinks it is so funny to play peak-a-boo and he giggles like mad when you tickle his ribs. Sol loves to put Finley on his shoulders and Finley loves the view from up high. It's not tough to get a smile or a laugh out of him. Sometimes he'll giggle if you just look at him. He is the sweetest, warmest little boy when he wakes up in the morning; so cuddly and so very sweet to hold. We really can't get enough of him.

His eating and sleeping is still a mess--my friend Carrie watched him today and he ate 1.5 ounces while I was at work. That's about one good gulp out of glass for you and me. The whole day. That's what he ate. And he was happy when I got home. Oh Finley. He is waking up a lot at night, and it doesn't bother me as much as it should. Because he's cute. Cuteness covers a multitude of sins.

We've had another successful solid food experience--he may like oatmeal better than rice cereal. And I think the spoon we were using was too big. But he's definitely interested in eating, he'll try to stick his hands in whatever we are eating. He can make a pretty good mess if you let him.

Time for some pictures. Which I know is the real reason you came here today.

Most of the time Finley looks like this:
But Victoria captured this rare footage, as a reminder that he isn't always perfect.

And his birthday was the first day of fall--you know what that means.

Football. We watched about none of the K-State game, but we sure got dressed for it. We are wearing purple--I just liked the picture better in black and white.

I love fall. New tv, marathons, pumpkins, the end of humid terrible heat... it's perfect. I love fall. And Finley too. Mostly Finley, just so we're clear on the order of things.


  1. HE WAS MAD AT ME. But I also get more than my fair share of smiles. That kid. He kills me.


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