Wednesday, October 14

I'm only 11, but...

Two posts ago, I got a random comment from some random 11 year old.

It said, "i am only 11 but i can tell you have a large family."

Koolman has 9 blogs. They are about his elementary school, online games and October themed recipes. You should go check them out. They each have about 1 post. Koolman has to be one of the most web-savvy 11 year old out there.

Koolman, who are you? How did you find my blog? I am concerned that your 11 years of life have only somewhat prepared you to judge the size of a family. Because my family is not large, it is only 3. I am a math teacher, so I can help you judge the size of a group of objects if you would like. I hope your elementary school gets more playground equipment and that your paper mache pumpkins turned out swimmingly.

For all you other mysterious readers... feel free to comment away. It is REALLY fun to get surprise comments from people. Like, REALLY fun.

And now when Victoria and I are unsure about something we say, "I'm only 11 but that is a really ugly hat."


  1. I think it is reasonable from the photo Corey took with his go-go gadget arm that at least Megan is one of your children. Maybe Dane too, but definitely Meg. She looks 8, possibly 9.

  2. I'm only 11, but I'm pretty sure this blog post is awesome.

  3. Maybe he was speaking prophetically - like he saw you in the future with a quiver-full (I think that means 12?) Also, if you all are eleven, that must make me 12...


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