Friday, October 16

Tuckered Out

Sometimes Finley plays so hard and gets so exhausted that he can't even manage to fuss for me to take him to bed. He has to falls asleep where ever he has been playing.

The same thing happens to Sol.

They just work so hard! It's hard to be a baby/grown man.


  1. Ben and I laughed hysterically at this one. Excellent

  2. I want to squeeze those little legs!!!

  3. Ha, ha, ha, haha! Thank you for giving us a good laugh...M&D

  4. I am only 11, but I can tell that Fin is a lot like his daddy.

  5. What do you mean you don't come from a big family? Have you forgotten vacations with 6 of us in the car? I'm only 50, but I read at a 54 year old level.


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