Saturday, October 17

Foot Update

It's been awhile since I updated on Finley's clubfoot correction...

He has been in the splint for about two months, and doesn't mind it a bit. We took him to the doctor on Thursday and the doctor said his foot looks great. Hooray! He also said we can have him out of the splint for 6-8 hours a day. Double hooray! The muscles in his foot and calf are very weak and he needs to practice bearing weight on it to make him stronger.

He's got marathons to train for, you know. We can't be limited by weak muscles! Oh and speaking of marathons, if you'd like to track me and get sent messages as I shatter everyone's wildest expectations about post-birth-giving-marathoning, go here. I'm registered as Rachel Scott.

Also, Kim wins the funniest comment award for the previous post. I LOLed. (That means "laugh out loud" if you don't hang out with middle schoolers every day.)


  1. KISS those little bitty toes for us...

  2. Glad to hear he can start having some time without the splint!


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