Tuesday, October 27

State of the Baby Address

So, Finley is growing.

Weight: 17 lbs 5 oz 50%tile
Height:27.5 inches 80%tile
Noggin: 17 inches 35%tile

He has dropped more in his weight percentile, but is still gaining. The doctor wasn't concerned about the lack of weight gain but did suggest that we try to get his eating and sleeping under control. Which means he got kicked out of our bed. So last night, the poor little baby slept the the whole night in his very own crib, and he survived. We had a rocky start with some sad crying, but then he only woke up to eat ONCE which is about eight times less than before. Ahh, sweet slumber how I missed you.

So hopefully after a few more nights he'll be in a great sleep cycle and he will eat only during the daytime and he will grow into a healthy little dude.

Right? That's what's going to happen? I hear babies are really reliable.

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  1. I love him. I forgot to get a Finley hug today, and it is making me sad.


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